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Re-enliven for cancer conquerors

Welcome to re-enlivening yourself. This reflection of knowledge needs to come out to the world, and I’ve been waiting too long to make it perfect; in the meantime each and every day I know there are people whose lives could be better for watching some of this information, so forgive the lack of professionalism, excellent editing or all the amazing things that I still want to add to the build.

Here is a very raw unofficial launch.

Please participate in the community through the blog and conversation. Take a survey. Watch a video. Subscribe to our newsletter.

This will be built ultimately to create a community of cancer conquerors who wish to re-enliven themselves body, mind, spirit, soul and love the blessing of life incorporating the knowledge of some very wise integrative medical practitioners of all sorts.

Thank you to all for being part of this process and I will continue to build and clean it up and launch more interviews as we go. Welcome.


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