Dianne Shumay (Phd)

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Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at UCSF, USA


Dianne Shumay works with cancer center patients, survivors and their loved ones to help with a wide range of short term and long term needs, such as stress management and coping, behavioral and mind body approaches for symptoms such as pain, fatigue and insomnia.

She also works with patients on goal setting for finding meaning, purpose and good quality of life, issues around grief and bereavement, navigating the healthcare system, strategies for decision making and communicating with provider teams.

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Dianne Shumay is a clinical health psychologist working at UCSF Cancer Centre, with a particular focus on Psycho-oncology, the effect of cancer on the psyche.

Working together with a team of psychologists and a psychiatrist to form the Psycho-oncology Programme, Dianne takes care of people who are affected by cancer in some way, whether at risk genetically, newly diagnosed, in treatment or beyond. The programme also looks at how this affects family members and the community.

Often when one comes out of the cancer journey, there is a need to pause and evaluate one’s life. This is perfectly normal, even though others may be expecting you to be celebrating. It is often after it’s ‘all over’ that the big questions rear their heads. Dianne talks about Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and she gives us practical tips for dealing with many of these stressors.

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