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Here you can request an appointment with your choice of the following integrative medical doctors, health medical advocates or integrative oncologists.

  1. Dr. Raoul Goldberg – Integrative Cancer Doctor who engages with Dr. Dwight Mckee (Integrative Oncologist) and Dr. Julian Kenyon on many of his cases, keeping abreast of the world top Integrative options
  2. Dana Smirin – coaching and guidance that is more soul, post treatment lifestyle adaption and spiritual guidance. Director at Syringa Integrative Health Centre and Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach (Candidate).

Please Note:

  • Cost: varies per session depending on the practitioner, we will advise on the costs when we respond to your enquiry.
  • Fees must be paid upfront – you will be sent a PayPal invoice before we confirm your appointment.
  • You will have the option of using Skype or FaceTime for your appointment.
  • A questionnaire will be sent out prior to appointments: this must be returned 24 hours before the appointment time.
  • Any cancellations must be made at least 48 hours before the appointment time for a full refund.

Cancer Doula Support

Having a difficult time finding your will forces, feeling grateful, shaking the trauma, wondering what to do, learning how to manage pain, standing in the tornado. Or you need support from someone who has been in and out. How to manage the existential crisis.

Dana Smirin has trained in the PATH Method and has been co-facilitating workshops at Esalen, USA, in many cities in South Africa and UK since 2011. She has also been in multiple processes from formal therapies, Somatic Therapy, martial arts, to shamanic studies with drums and with various plant journeys. Her life has been a journey into the soul. Dana is not a licensed psychologist or coach but has immersed herself in transformation her entire life and has over a 7 year period entered into darkness, surrender to dying and come around further enriching her deep wisdom and insight into the human psyche from hundreds of hours of co-facilitating with Dr. Goldberg, assisting in the Methodology articulation and being a natural empath.

RE-ENLIVEN is your post cancer treatment resource- eventually it will contain over 50 video interviews with integrative oncologists from around the world, therapists, Hematologists, LAcs, ND’s etc from Cleveland Clinic to UCSF to German, Israel and other countries. These videos will offer advice on how to avoid secondary cancers or relapses. Any listed products meet our criteria of natural and non toxic.

Advisory Team

Dr. Raoul Goldberg

Integrative Medical Doctor
Director of Syringa Integrative Health Clinic

Dr. Huub Gelderblom

Medical Doctor (Phd, Mph)
Medical Director and Researcher

Dr. B.J. Miller

Medical Doctor
Palliative Care UCSF & Advisor
San Francisco Zen Hospice

Markia Holmgren

Public Health Activist
Cancer Conqueror and CEO of DoGoodEvents

Pascal Lardier

European Director Health 2.0

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