Who is Dana?

While in her hospital 6 years into her cancer journey during a Bone Marrow transplant, Dana Smirin dreamed of RE-ENLIVEN. Never were her conventional physicians able to answer her questions about detoxing from the treatments, or how to repair and strengthen her organs and immune function. In her third year of she met an Integrative Medical Doctor specializing in Cancer Treatment who had worked in Swiss Integrative Cancer Clinics. She began to work at his Clinic and was exposed to a whole new world meeting cutting edge game changing physicians from around the world, many of whom manage the after cancer care. These are many of the practioners interviewed at RE-ENLIVEN




Every year, millions of patients undergo life-saving treatments for cancer. Many of these treatments are highly toxic and create long-term effects that are rarely addressed by conventional medicine. Recovery from these treatments is crucial for overall mental and physical health, particularly to avoid relapse or secondary cancer whenever possible.

RE-ENLIVEN aims to provide cancer conquerors with the tools and guidance to regain their emotional and physical strength while reducing the chances for secondary cancers through personal videos interviews with top Integrative Medical practioners. RE-ENLIVEN aims at awakening ones’ own “internal physician” so we can take control of the primary components of an integrated post-treatment regime, including management of nausea, physical pain, mental health, stress and diet.


HOW it all started..

Ms Smirin was at the height of her career with a post at UC Berkeley, launching a business that would eliminate hundreds of thousands of tons of carbon from our air and she was diagnosed with an aggressive Hodgkins Lymphoma. Her life went on ice and she had to focus her warriorship over 7 years to surviving a disease that at one point culminated in a tumor mass 18 by 14 centimeters in her neck blocking off her ceratoid artery and growing into her spine, and jugular vein. No-one thought she would survive, other than herself. Dana lost her home in San Francisco mid journey and was unable to be supported by any local social services to rehouse herself in the city she had lived in for two decades. After her friends supported her for so long she relented and returned home to her native South Africa where she could scrape by on her disability funds due to a favorable exchange rate. For many years she flitted between the two nations learning how to conquer cancer.

Dana’s large global community held her in so many forms; from housing, cars, meals, rides to treatments, frequent flier miles, hugs and financially affording her to continue conventional treatment in the US when it was needed and she incorporated Swiss and German Integrative protocols in her months spent recovering in Cape Town at Syringa Integrative Health Centre trading her treatments for her business acumen when strong.

Through her curious nature, persistence and Clinic role she has met many of the incredible minds around the world attending International Integrative Medical Conferences, leveraging her existing networks, and her own journey towards wellbeing. Dana let go of her antique film camera and moved onto a Panasonic Lumix GH4 she bought with two months savings of her disability so she could manage to interview the people she met, given it was cost prohibitive after her first 4 interviews to continue hire proper crew.

Linda lost his father, a medical doctor to cancer and while editing these videos his wonderful Mother Tosi passed from Breast Cancer- We dedicate this site to all that Tosi did for the children of South Africa and her massive heart. She has left a void. Together they have edit on a very low budget what you see here. The content is EDITED TO CAPTURE GOLDEN NUGGESTS down to 15-20 minutes often within hour long conversations; it is well worth the quality sacrifice at times.

RE-ENLIVEN is Dana’s gift back to all those who supported her, colleagues, friends and friends of friends she never met…..Thank you this is to you and Tosi Sibotho for what she gave to the children of South Africa and the gift of her son Linda to us all.

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Re-enliven for cancer conquerors


Chelsea Henning

Re-enliven for cancer conquerors


Linda Sibotho

Re-enliven for cancer conquerors


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Advisory Team

Dr. Raoul Goldberg

Integrative Medical Doctor
Director of Syringa Integrative Health Clinic

Dr. Huub Gelderblom

Medical Doctor (Phd, Mph)
Medical Director and Researcher

Dr. B.J. Miller

Medical Doctor
Palliative Care UCSF & Advisor
San Francisco Zen Hospice

Markia Holmgren

Public Health Activist
Cancer Conqueror and CEO of DoGoodEvents

Pascal Lardier

European Director Health 2.0

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